About us

About US

AMILCAR CLUB was launched in 2013 by Agence Médiane.
Joining the AMILCAR CLUB grants you access to an exclusive world of privileges.

Once a month, AMILCAR CLUB  will host a networking event along with its partners.

How it works

Our international partners allow you access a multitude of services and perks all throughout the year.
I. Access a world of privileges upon registering
After registering with the Club Amilcar, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the card.
Upon signing up with the AMILCAR CLUB, join a business club.
 II. Membership and conditions:
To join the Club AMILCAR simply fill out our receipt of your VIP code.
The steps for membership are:
- Making a payment to Agence Médiane.
- Complete the registration form and indicate your VIP code (that transmitted from your membership)
- You will then receive an automatic email confirmation of registration
- You can now log in by entering your email and password.
Amilcar and the city of Carthage
At club Amilcar we are inpired by a richness of history and culture. We aspire to the greatness of the Carthaginian generals and strive to excel in all areas of business.